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Anti Aging Insights provides up-to-date information on anti aging supplements, new drugs, vitamins & minerals and organic foods.  A variety of information is provided to help us retain our youthful health and spirit.

I find discoveries that are real breakthroughs, not just incremental increases in knowledge. Information that will help us counter – weight gain, lack of energy, memory loss, wrinkles, decreased sexual drive, shrinking muscle mass, hair loss and a host of other signs of aging.  Let’s retain our Youth and gain control over aging!

Teresa BelcherHello, my name is Teresa Belcher.

I am an Anti Aging/Futuristic enthusiast, as well as an author, blogger and business owner.

My life philosophy is based on True Buddhism SGI-USA


On a personal note, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2003 and my physician informed me the only treatment was still in testing and had severe and debilitating side effects. In hopes of avoiding the uncertain outcome, I participated in a clinical trial for a new, less dangerous drug.

After six months on the trial drug, there was no improvement and the doctor advised me to go ahead with the previously recommended treatment. If I did not, my life expectancy would be only two years.

After six months of treatment on the recommended drug, the doctors informed me the drugs were successful and I was in the clear, however they could only be sure after another six month waiting period. 

During these six months I diligently took the Top Ten Anti Aging Supplements on a daily basis and I can say, with confidence, that they significantly contributed to my recovery.

The changes I experienced were remarkable, and in turn my attitude and hope for the future certainly was lifted, along with my confidence in anti aging supplements.

cellsThrough-out this blog and in my eBook I recommend the supplements through Life Extension, due to their cutting-edge clinical research focused on extending healthy human lifespan.

The organization’s mission includes not only finding solutions to disease and methods of disease prevention, but also improving the health and well-being of humans through innovative clinical research.

Life Extension has been at the forefront of integrative techniques involving the use of dietary supplements and nutritional strategies since 1980.  

The organization is widely recognized for a commitment to funding research aimed at discovering the root causes of aging.

The Life Extension Foundation is the world’s largest non-profit membership organization dedicated to investigating every method of extending the healthy human life span and funding anti-aging research.

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