Communication Device


I would like to introduce a little communication device that puts your 40 character message plus clickable link on everyone’s Android SmartPhone with BlueTooth enabled, within a 100 yard/300 feet radius from where you are, with this little device in your pocket!!

The World’s Most Exciting Mobile Marketing Technology For Your Business!!!

For example, if you own a Pizza Parlor and had a lunch special, just send out your message and watch the people come in, because they saw your message come through on their Android device.

Hair salon could message free cut with any color, the possibilities are endless.

This is a very powerful tool for your business, please don’t miss out.  

High Tech Link Transporter Delivers your link to Android Users 24/7  >>> <<<

Why aren’t you carrying one???

Watch the video below to learn more>>

The battery life is two years with free battery replacement for life.